Yūta Gamon (我聞 悠太 Gamon Yūta?) is the main male protagonist of the light novel, manga and anime series and a high school boy and self-described NEET who runs the blog "Kiri Kiri Basara," which aggregates news and discussion of the occult, with hopes of driving enough traffic to his site that he can live off the money from affiliate clickthroughs.

Yūta ends up attracting a strange crew of characters around him.


He has a standard skinny build with dark brown eyes. He has messy, choppy beige colored hair. His clothing consists of a large trench duffle coat which is a grey on his left side and light yellow on his right side. His coat raises up to nearly his chin which he uses to cover the bottom half of his face.


no ones done his personality well hes the neet god of the ghost dimension uhmm ok so at the end theres some ya know character development he uh ascends to neet god and sacrifices himself for his friends spoilers to the kids who dropped this on ep 1 ill make a serious desc later no one can stop me im the whole fandom anyways

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