Seisuu 3 no Nijou
Seisuu3noNijou CoverCover for the album

Artist: Kanako Itou
Released October 26, 2016
Length 1:30 (TV version)

5:23(Full version)

Produced by 5pb. Records

Seisuu 3 no Nijou (聖数3の二乗?) is the opening theme of Occultic Nine. It is performed by Kanako Itou and is her 28th released single. It reached 91st on the Oricon charts and was charted for 3 weeks,[1]

The CD that was released in October 2016 contained Seisuu 3 no Nijou and one song from Soul Buster: Shouseiran, and another song with no relation to anything known.[2]

Track List

Track Number Title Time
01 聖数3の二乗 5:23
02 侍霊演武 5:58
03 G.O.S. 5:08
04 聖数3の二乗 (off vocal) 5:23
05 侍霊演武 (off vocal) 5:59
06 G.O.S. (off vocal) 5:07
Disc Length: 32:58


For Romaji lyrics, refer to Seisuu 3 no Nijou/Romaji Lyrics.

For English lyrics, refer to Seisuu 3 no Nijou/English Lyrics.


Seisuu3noNijou Cover

Cover for CD released in October 2016



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