This page serves as a guide for anything and anything relating to the categories ​here on the Occultic;Nine Wiki. The policies listed in here are for categorizing and should be followed throughout the Wiki. There will be no exceptions, unless stated in the guide. Should revisions be made, editors will be alerted as soon as revisions are made.

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  • Categories should only be created if at least two articles can be categorized under it, except for isolated cases. As such, every article should have at least one category.

Naming conventions

  • Unnecessary capitalization should be avoided. Capitalization should be reserved for proper names/nouns only.
  • Names of topic categories should be singular. Examples include those categories where characters' names are used, such as "Yuta Gamon".
  • Names of set categories should be plural. Examples include "Songs".


  • Articles placed in categories should not also be placed in that category's parent and sub-parent category.

Parent Category:Characters

Sub-category Example Pages Notes.
Yuta Gamon
Ryoka Narusawa