Miyuu Aikawa (相川 実優羽?) is a popular fortune teller and first-year high school student with her own fan club at school. She does a fortune telling live stream on Niconico where she uses the stage name Myu.


Miyuu has long light brown hair that goes past her thighs, which she wears in a ponytail, and yellow eyes. Her casual attire consists of a long hooded pale pink coat that reaches down to her knees, and a darker pink blazer which she wears on top of the coat. Underneath she wears a blue blouse and skirt, black tights, and pale pink leg warmers.


She has a cheerful and bright personality, using her fortune telling skills for a good cause. She can be sensitive to some things and also understanding. She cares a lot for her friends and other peoples well being.


Gamon Yuta

Miyuu finds Gamon as a close friend and treats him nicely. She goes by calling him Gamon-Senpai. When Gamon is forced to sacrifice himself for the rest of the group, she cries and says she will come with him, only to be stopped by Gamon.

Chizu Kawabata

Miyuu's best friend