Chizu kawabata (川畑千津), or chi, is the best friend of Miyuu.


Chizu has short black hair put up in pigtails. She is shown wearing her school outfit in the anime. She has a small dog pin she wears in her hair. Miyuu also wears the same dog pin, it was a gift of their friendship.


Although not much is seen of Chi in the anime, she seems to have a positive personality. She also seems to have and or like birds, as when she sent a blurry image of one to Miyuu.


Miyuu Aikawa

Miyuu is Chizu's best friend, she seems to be very close to Miyuu. When Chi sends a message of a blurry hand, Miyuu is confused and scared her friend has died. She becomes depressed over her best friends disappearance and suspected death and doesn't leave her bed at one point. It is shown in a flashback that Chi was the one who encouraged and gave Miyuu the idea to do her fortune telling as a way of making people happy. In another scene is it shown that Miyuu feels guilty for Chi's death while Chi simply reassures her that it wasnt her fault and that she should continue to fortune tell and make people happy.

Voice Actors

Xanthe Huynh (English)

Maria Naganawa (Japanese)

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